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Play Ball!

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Little girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice…but what are boys made of? Bugs, planes, loud noises, trains, dirt and sports! We love them all the same. I did a post about a little boy named Sammy a few months ago, remember? He was the beautiful miracle that happened for my friend and I had the pleasure of designing his nursery. Well, our little Sammy is bigger now and needed a new “big boy” room. The family moved to a larger home and Sammy was going to become a big brother! We had to create the perfect room for him and dad had to approve. Since his father was a huge sports fanatic, Sammy’s mom and I thought it would be a great idea and fun surprise if we used his childhood sports memorabilia. There was a whole collection of things to use.

I hired a painter to paint the walls and did the rest of the install myself. The bedding was custom-designed, we used the existing table and chairs, but painted them red. I found a scoreboard and pennant on My favorite element in the room is the vintage “S” on the wall. It adds a personal touch, without being overwhelming or taking away from the rest of the room. The art is from a local company in San Diego. We put some other personal touches on the room by adding photos and favorite books. We even used Sammy’s hand and foot impressions by Doodlebug Designs as an accessory for his shelves. What’s a baseball room without autographed baseballs or helmets? Yup, those were added too. Sammy was excited and dad approved!

My best advice for parents who want to create a cool sports-themed room like this is to work with what you have as a starting point. Spend money on the items you love the most. Personally, I love spending money on artwork and wall décor because I feel it completes the room. Now play ball!


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